16 November 2011

Team Shaolin Competition 2011: CPAC wins trophies!

Congratulations to all the Chinese Performing Arts Centre students who brought home a trophy from the yearly Team Shaolin Competition!

The Chinese Performing Arts Centre participated at the Team Shaolin 2011 Competition held on Saturday 5 November in London.

(Shifu Heng Sheng with trophy winners)

The competition brought together numerous Shaolin Kungfu Schools all over England and featured a wonderful performance of Shaolin Kungfu traditional and animal forms, Shaolin Weapons and acrobatics from students of all levels and ages.

Well done to all the students who trained very hard this last year to achieve their maximum effort in the competition - a very warm wish to you all that you may continue to keep training hard and be an example to all students!

"Success depends upon previous preparation,
and without such preparation there is sure to be failure." (Confucius - 孔子)

I look forward to training more with you in 2012!

Peace - Courage - Faith

13 November 2011

Grading and Christmas Party 2011 - Everyone welcome!!

Grading and Christmas Party : Sunday 18 December 2011

Dear Students,

It is that time of year when we come together to check on our progress and to take the end of year Grading Exam.

After that we all celebrate and have fun together in the yearly Christmas Party.

Save the date! Sunday 18 December, 2011

Everyone is welcome, bring friends and family and some refreshments too! Some food and drink will be provided!


10:30 - 11:30 - Tai Chi Exam
11:30 - 12:30 - Kung fu Exam
12:30 - 13:00 - Performance with Shaolin Masters and students


1 Exam - £30
2 Exams - £50

All students who take the exam will be given a Kung fu Exam Booklet with our School logo.
Every time you pass an exam, a stamp will be inserted into the booklet next to the relevant form.

Make sure you wear your uniforms for the grading!

Until then keep training hard!

Wishing you all a most wonderful

Peace - Courage - Faith