17 October 2010

2010 Exam and Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi Centre news:

Dear Students

As we approach the end of 2010 The Shaolin Kungfu & Tai Chi Centre would like to thank you all for your great efforts in training this year!

We would like to share some of our news and give you the heads-up on the Grading information!
The Centre has grown a lot this year and more students have been joining!

In January 2010 we opened new classes in Ladywell (Lewisham) and the Pimlico classes in Central London have become popular with children, young people and women alike: congratulations to you all on your determination and desire to learn Shaolin Kungfu forms, weapons and way of life!

The Shaolin Kungfu & Tai Chi Centre is also a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) which will provide many benefits for students. For more information see: www.bccma.com

We have also been holding Shaolin Weapons classes in Pimlico every Monday and Thursday (8.30-9.30pm) and students are learning stick, sword, chain, nanchakus, 3-section staff and Shaolin Spear...

We will be holding a grading this year in December 2010 and the preparation for the Beginners Level can be found on this blog on the November section of this blog - or click the following link:


The Tai Chi 18-Point Form can be viewed again on this blog in the June 2009 section - or click the following link:


2010 Exam and Christmas Party

As we approach the end of the year and as is the custom we will be holding a final grading examination and a Christmas Party in December 2010 to celebrate the great effort of all students until we meet again next year!

Date Saturday 4th December
Time 2.00-5.00pm
Where St Mary's Centre, Ladywell Road, Ladywell London, SE13 7UH

There are good transport connections (Ladywell and Lewisham BR station) as well as parking outside the hall.

PLEASE NOTE: All students should endeavour to arrive on time and to wear their uniforms . Please pick up a form to register for the exam from class.

The timetable of the exam is as follows:

2.00-4.00pm - Shaolin Kungfu and Tai Chi Exams (Beginners and Advanced Levels)
4.00-4.30pm - Lion Dancing/performance with Shaolin Masters and students
4.30pm All students who have passed the exam will be presented with Certificates!

Refreshments and drink will be provided by the Centre but as this is an occasion to celebrate all cultures feel free to bring any dish, pudding, cake or refreshment of your own choice so that other students can try something special!

For all those interested in Shaolin Kungfu and Chinese culture there will be many Shaolin items (uniforms, shoes, weapons etc.) on sale at a discounted price as well as many Chinese giftware items!

I look forward to seeing you all pass the exam and train in 2011!
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday time!
Classes will resume as normal from Sunday 9 January 2011!
Peace - Courage - Faith