11 November 2010

Team Shaolin Competition 2010!

"I hear, I know.
I see, I remember.
I do, I understand."

Dear Students

Congratulations to all of you who took part in the Team Shaolin Euro 2010 Competition that was held on 6 November 2010 in London!

What a great day and also a big thank you to all the students, the friends and family who came to watch and support fellow students!

Well done to those students who brough home a medal for the Shaolin Kungfu & Tai Chi Centre.

However REMEMBER that the most important experience is in participating in a competition irrespective of whether you win or not! All that matters is that you give your very best!

Keep training and keep going and then you can participate in next year's competition!

Well done to all the students who won medals from all the different schools:

what a great effort!

Be happy for all those who have won for this is the spirit of real Shaolin Kungfu!

I look forward to seeing you all train for next year's competition!

Peace - Courage - Faith

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