12 April 2010

More Shaolin Weapons classes with Self Defence & Acrobatics in Pimlico

Dear Students

Due to popular demand the Shaolin Kungfu & Tai Chi Centre is opening more weapons classes in Pimlico!

The new timetable will include Self-Defence techniques and Acrobatics as follows:


6.30 - 7.30pm: Qi Gong/Tai Chi (all levels welcome)

7.30 - 8.30pm: Shaolin Kungfu (all levels welcome)
8.30 - 9.30pm: Weapons and Self Defence


6.30-7.30pm: Qi Gong/Tai Chi (all levels welcome)
7.30-8.30pm: Shaolin Kungfu (all levels welcome)
8.30-9.30pm: Weapons and Acrobatics

The importance of all Movement

Shaolin kung fu trains both a person's body and a person's mind. By training the body you will be able to link the nervous system with the muscles and maintain a healthy immune system and positive thinking patterns.

Self Defence

This will allow you to defend yourself from physical attacks and also to develop quick reflexes which are useful in every day life.


When you are able to perform front-flips, butterfly kicks, flip-ups, cartwheels etc., you begin to realise that your body is capable of anything. Acrobatics are part of many animal forms of Shaolin Kungfu and assists you in developing flexibility and confidence in your abilities to know that all is possible!

Chan and Wu

A strong body means having a strong mind. By training the mind you will begin to feel calm which gives you the space to discover many wise thoughts and understand life and the Universe better. When you can merge the mind and body together into a higher level of cosciousness, this is called the union of Chan and Wu.

A note on weapons use:

Please note that under UK law most of these Shaolin weapons cannot be used in public places (such as parks) and the Police has the discretion to charge you with an offence on the grounds of carrying an unlawful weapon.

A word of advice is to always make sure your weapon is wrapped up or in a carrier case and that you carry the Shaolin Kungfu & Tai Chi Centre membership card at all times with you. If you can prove that you are carrying the weapon from the training ground to your home, for example, then this is no problem. It is therefore best to avoid carrying weapons around unless you are going to and from training.

I look forward to seeing you all train kungfu, self defence and acrobatics!

Peace - Courage - Faith

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Anonymous said...

hello there, do children and adults train together kungfu, if not what is the timetable for children in Pimlico please