24 November 2009

Kung Fu Exam Preparation: Five Stance Form - Wu Bu Quan (五 步 拳)

Dear Students!

Please note the five fundamental stances of Shaolin Kungfu that make up the First Form: Wu Bu Quan (五 步 拳)

Gong-bu, ma-bu, xie-bu, pu-bu and xu-bu are pictured here below for you to learn!These form the basis of your training and the foundation of all other Forms.

Once you have mastered these five stances, you will be able to perform Form Two and Form Three with precision, swiftness and perfect balance whether it be for self-defence or as active meditation!

Also as part of the exam preparation these are the main five stances that every Shaolin Kungfu Beginner needs to know to progress to the Advanced level.

gong-bu (弓 步)

ma-bu (马 步)

xie-bu (歇 步)

pu-bu (仆 步)
xu-bu (虚 步)
Also the main fist forms are as follows:
-------------quan (拳) -----------------------zhang (掌) ---------------------gou shou (勾手)

I look forward to seeing you all prepare for the Exam!

Peace - Courage - Faith

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