15 November 2009

First Annual Shaolin Kungfu Competition in London!

Congratulations to the students from The Shaolin Kungfu & TaiChi Centre who participated at the 1st Annual Shaolin Kungfu Competition in London!

Students from the Shaoling Kungfu & TaiChi Centre trained very hard in the last 5 months to perform weapon and traditional forms at the First Annual Shaolin Kungfu Competition held in London on Saturday 7 November 2009.

There were over 50 students who competed to win top places on the competition. The Shaolin Kungfu and TaiChi Centre was represented by six students, most of which came home with a bronze medal - well done to you all!

A special congratulations to the winner of the silver medal in the Shaolin Sword Form (Shaolin Dao Shu)....

....and well done to the students who competed both in Shaolin Kung fu and Chen Style TaiChi...

From January onwards students will be preparing for the 2010 competition with more Forms (Tai Chi Sword, Shaolin Stick, Traditional Shaolin Forms...) to be held again next year in November.

Well done to you all and I look forward to seeing you all train even harder to achieve top places in next year's round!!

Peace - Courage - Faith

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