24 August 2009

Chinatown Charity Performace for 88 Taiwan Typhoon Disaster

Dear Students

A big thank you to all of you who participated and attended the charity performance for the Taiwan Typhoon Disaster in Chinatown on Tuesday 18 August 2009!

The public was enthused to watch Shaolin Kungfu & TaiChi Centre students perform the First, Second, Third Shaolin Kungfu Forms and the Tai Chi 18 Point Form....

......then Sunny delivered a great Drunken Form performance...

...while Shifu Heng Sheng carried out a traditional Shaolin Temple Form...

We received the following message from the organisers...
"I would like to thank you all personally for your contribution to 88 Taiwan Typhoon Disaster in Chinatown Yesterday.

We have raised £12,000 in total within the 3 hours of fundraising event and this fund will be specifically towards rebuilding schools in Kaohsiung"

Many thanks to you all and we look forward to performing at more charity events!


Peace - Courage - Faith

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