07 November 2008

China Trip : April 2009!! Train Kungfu and Breathe-in Historical China!

Trip to China to train with Shaolin Masters and visit breathtaking scenes !

Dear Students, ni hao and hello

The Shaolin Kungfu & Tai Chi Centre will be organising a 14 day trip to China in April 2009! Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested!

In due course I will give you a more detailed itinerary, but below is a rough guide of the trip:

Total cost £1,450:

- arrive in Beijing - visit sites - 2.5 days
- travel by night to
Xi'an (capital of Shan Xi province) - visit historical sites - 3 days
- travel by night to Deng Feng and arrive at Shaolin Temple (Henan Province) - 1 day
- travel to nearby school and begin training with Shaolin Temple Masters - 3 days
- travel by night to Luo Yang - visit historical sites - 1 day/1 night
- travel to Kai Feng - visit historical sites - 1.5 days
- travel back to Beijing overnight - flight back to London

The cost of the trip will include:

- Flights
- Accomodation (staying in 3*/4* hotels)
- Travel between cities and to site-visits (buses/trains)
- entry tickets to site-visits
- visa for China
(Any other personal extras will be at your expense)

A 50% deposit will need to be paid by 28 February 2009!

A detailed itinerary will be given out to interested students in due course - but here below you will find a good indication of what the trip will entail:

Arrive in Beijing

and spend a few days visiting .......

Tian An Men Square....

The Olympic Village...

The Forbidden City...

The Great Wall of China


Travel to Xi'an (Shanxi Province) to see more historical sites...

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda...

.... and the world-renowned Fountains around Emperor Gaozong's Pagoda...

Then a day trip to ....

The unmissable Terracotta Army!

breathtaking Hua Qing Chi (hot springs)...

and more Hua Qing Chi.....



From here we will travel to the birth place of Shaolin Kung Fu: Deng Feng.... and spend one day visiting the Shaolin Temple including....

...the heart of the Shaolin Temple: The Shaolin Pagoda where Shaolin Temple monks and disciples train every day....

After 3 intense days of training we will embark on more historical site visits...

....travel to Luo Yang and Kai Feng in the Henan Province and explore..

The Dragon Door Grottoes...

..beautiful Kaifeng

The Temple of The Chancellor..

The White Horse Temple Garden...

....and a few more sites.. but we will keep that a surprise

THEN BACK TO BEIJING ....and back to London.

I hope many of you can join me on this journey through China.

As our first trip we will combine a cultural insight into some of the most spiritual, peaceful and beautiful sites that China has to offer, together with disciplined Kungfu training.

I look forward to going on this journey with many of you!


04 November 2008

Christmas Party: 21 December 2008 at 2:00pm!


Dear Students
You are all welcome to the Shaolin Kungfu & TaiChi Centre CHRISTMAS PARTY!

After the December Exam we will be holding a party to celebrate the season and to celebrate students that have passed to the Advanced Level.
Date: 21 December 2008
Time: 2.00pm onwards
Brooklands Community Hall, Richmount Gardens, Kidbrooke SE3 (where Sunday class takes place)

There will be activities, Shaolin Temple items and souvenirs on sale and refreshments!
There will also be a small performance!

Everyone is welcome so feel free to bring Family and Friends!

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Peace - Courage - Faith