30 October 2008

Beginners Exam Preparation (December exam)

Dear Students

Please find below the exam preparation that you will need to pass from Beginner's to Advanced Level. Remember: The exam will be held on 21 December at 1.00pm!

In order to pass the grading examination a student will need to achieve a mark of 60% or more. This will enable the student to progress to the advanced level. Grading is based on achieving a 60% pass mark (children 50%) both in the Stamina/Stretching Test and in the Forms Test.
A certificate of completion will be given to the student that passes the exam.
If you pass the exam you will be given a different coloured T-shirt to distinguish you as an Advanced Level student.
Fee for taking the exam is £20.

The exam will include grading you on the following:

Stamina/Stretching Test
100 raise knees running on the spot (30 seconds/fast)
20 push ups
50 squats (without stopping)
20 push up and jump
Handstand – 1 minute or more

Front splits (left and right leg)
Boxing/side split
Standing on each leg with knee high for 1 minute
15 ‘Crocodile mouth’ sit up
90 seconds praying still sit-up

Forms Test
Wu Bu Quan
5 stance form performed with precision
(students have to name every stance)

Lian Huan Quan
Movements must be stable and precise

Quan – fist
Zhang – open palm
Gou shou – hook hand
Flying kick (er ti jiao)
Spinning jump kick (xuan feng jiao)

If you want to apply for the exam please ask me for a form!
After the exam there will be a party to celebrate!!
I look forward to seeing you all there!

14 October 2008

Five Stance Form for Shaolin Kungfu students! Wu Bu Quan (五 步 拳)

Dear Students!

Please note the five fundamental stances of Shaolin Kungfu that make up the First Form: Wu Bu Quan (五 步 拳)
Gong-bu, ma-bu, xie-bu, pu-bu and xu-bu are pictured here below for you to learn!

These form the basis of your training and the foundation of all other Forms. Once you have mastered these five stances, you will be able to perform Form Two and Form Three with precision, swiftness and perfect balance whether it be for self- defence or as active meditation!

Also as part of the exam preparation these are the main five stances that every Shaolin Kungfu Beginner needs to know to progress to the Advanced level. More details will follow on what you need to know to pass the exam in December 2008!

gong-bu (弓 步)

ma-bu (马 步)

xie-bu (歇 步)

pu-bu (仆 步)

xu-bu (虚 步)

Also the main fist forms are as follows:

-----quan (拳) -------------------- zhang (掌) ---------------gou shou (勾手)

I look forward to seeing you all in class!

08 October 2008

We now have Shaolin KungFu, Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong classes in Pimlico every Monday and Thursday 6.30-8.30pm!

Dear Students! Welcome! 欢 迎 - huang ying!

We have now opened classes in Pimlico (off Lupus Street), just 7 mins walk from Pimlico Tube Station! Every Monday and Thursday:

Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong: 6.30 - 7.30pm
Shaolin Kung Fu: 7.30 - 8.30pm

St Gabriel's Halls (The Boys' Club)
Churchill Gardens (off Lupus Street)
Pimlico - London SW1V 3AA

All levels, adults and children welcome!!

There is an emphasis on developing the internal life-force energy - known as "chi" through deep breathing, by keeping the body relaxed and by concentrating on soft yet powerful movements. This is how Shaolin Temple disciples develop the internal power to break bricks, do one finger push-ups and perform rolling kicks in the air.

KungFu training will build stamina, will teach strong and fast kicks, will involve practicing forms and will teach perfection in all movements. This will build a strong foundation for the next levels.

The hall is bright and airy and offers enough space to perform acrobatics and weapons (staff, sword etc.) as well as sanshou (kung-fu boxing) skills.

I look forward to seeing you all there!